Würstel Salsiccio

A tasteful dish with Senfter quality

The sausage is one of the most typical kinds of charcuterie in most Italian regions. It takes on many different names based on the ingredients.

The meat has spices added to it and is prepared so as to reach the best consistency.

It is also easy to cook. Just cut it into two halves and cook it for five minutes in a non-stick pan. Simple and tasty!

Salsiccio is good every time and everywhere. It can be a second course served with vegetables or a snack if served in a bun.



Social Table

  From Piazzetta Senfter in San Candido passing via Milan, Bologna and Caserta: four cities dined together, uniting Italian traditions and flavors in a unique event.

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For 160 years Senfter has meant speck. Speck takes on a unique taste because every product perfectly mixes a great selection of raw materials, spices and a light smoking with the fresh and pure air of a great territory, which is a great added value, together with a long ageing. That is why the Senfter Speck is unique.

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