Speck Selezione Pregiata

The best of Senfter quality

The first word that comes into mind when thinking of Speck Senfter Selezione Pregiata is “unique”.

That is because the raw materials are rigorously selected. They are mature and slightly marbled, which means that the final product is very sweet. Production takes place in accordance with the old Senfter tradition, with 8 months of curing.

The result is a very fine Speck with a sweet, mellow taste.

Achieving this exceptional balance of flavours entails not only choosing the best meat and processing it perfectly: smoking is also very important. Smoking is carried out with beechwood, typical of the alpine landscapes. This type of wood imparts a delicate smoky flavour, which ideally accompanies the perfect consistency of the product.


Such a fine charcuterie deserves to be alone with the rye bread typical of the Alto Adige. The soft and delicate flavours of Selectio perfectly match with the aromas of fennel and cumin, ingredients of rye bread. For a slightly spicier taste, you can add some sauce made with horseradish, a pungent plant with balsamic properties. For a perfect snack a glass of Lagrein wine is recommended. Lagrein is a red wine grape variety typical of this region. It produces a ruby red, fruity, full-bodied wine that perfectly contrasts with the strong and smoky taste of speck. A unique experience.

Refrigerate between 0° and 7°


To celebrate our 160th anniversary, the chef Alessandro Borghese has conceived a special menu in which the unique taste of speck combines with Italian regional excellences, resulting in new and unexpected flavours.

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Tabella nutrizionale Selezione Pregiata

Sliced speck with 8 months of curing

Average values for 100g*

Valori medi per 100g*

1,407 kJ / 388 Kcal
24g / 100g
9.6g / 100g
0.5g / 100g
0.5g / 100g
30g / 100g
4.0g / 100g
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