Speck Cubetti of Senfter Speck

A burst of flavour in every recipe

Senfter Speck is an ideal ingredient to be included in your recipes, as it adds a savoury touch to your dishes. That is why we have introduced Senfter Speck cubes. The 100 g package contains two separate 50 g portions so you can use them whenever and however you want.

In each package you will find the craftsmanship and tradition of Senfter, which has been producing the finest speck for 160 years.

The raw materials, meat processing methods, seasoning and smoking are environmentally friendly and strictly linked to tradition. In the factory in San Candido, thanks to modern equipment and state-of-the-art technology, two methods of preserving meat are perfectly combined: curing (typical of the Mediterranean area) and smoking (typical of Northern Europe).

You can use the cubes as ingredient of pasta sauces, cakes or salads, or you can eat them as they are because they are irresistibly delicious.

Senfter Speck Cubes can be adapted to every situation and every creation, like the “Hugo” cocktail, created in this century: a mix of Prosecco, elderflower syrup, seltzer and mint leaves. A marvellously refreshing combination.

Refrigerate between 0° and 7°


To celebrate our 160th anniversary, the chef Alessandro Borghese has conceived a special menu in which the unique taste of speck combines with Italian regional excellences, resulting in new and unexpected flavours.

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Tabella nutrizionale Cubetti of Senfter Speck

Ready-to-use speck cubes

Average values for 100 g*

Valori medi per 100g*

1,168 kJ / 266 Kcal
18g / 100g
7,2g / 100g
0,5g / 100g
0,5g / 100g
29g / 100g
4,5g / 100g
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