Salad with belgian endive, nectarine peaches and Senfter Speck

A fresh, colourful and easy to prepare salad

No time doesn’t mean no tasty food to eat! You need only a few ingredients to prepare this fresh and flavourful salad. A new and original idea for lunchtime.

10 min
0 min
10 min
2 people




Step 1:

Wash and dry the Belgian endive and separate the leaves

Step 2:

Cut the nectarine into cubes and dress with olive oil and vinegar

Step 3:

Cut the slices of Speck Senfter Milleidee into thin strips

Step 4:

Put the endive leaves on a plate and place nectarine cubes and speck on each leaf. Add the mint leaves as a colourful and fragrant decoration. Ready to taste?

Social Table

  From Piazzetta Senfter in San Candido passing via Milan, Bologna and Caserta: four cities dined together, uniting Italian traditions and flavors in a unique event.

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For 160 years Senfter has meant speck. Speck takes on a unique taste because every product perfectly mixes a great selection of raw materials, spices and a light smoking with the fresh and pure air of a great territory, which is a great added value, together with a long ageing. That is why the Senfter Speck is unique.

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