Canapè with creamy cheese, honey, cucumber and Senfter Speck

An unbelievable happy hour

It has never been so easy to prepare an amazing happy hour snack for your friends. An easy, original and very tasty recipe.

happy hour
6 min
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6 min
2 people




Step 1:

Cut the Speck Senfter Milleidee into strips

Step 2:

Peel and dice the cucumber, put it in a bowl and dress lightly with olive oil

Step 3:

In a separate bowl mix the cheese with the honey, thyme and marjoram

Step 4:

Slice the French bread, and toast it. Be careful not to burn it!

Social Table

  From Piazzetta Senfter in San Candido passing via Milan, Bologna and Caserta: four cities dined together, uniting Italian traditions and flavors in a unique event.

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For 160 years Senfter has meant speck. Speck takes on a unique taste because every product perfectly mixes a great selection of raw materials, spices and a light smoking with the fresh and pure air of a great territory, which is a great added value, together with a long ageing. That is why the Senfter Speck is unique.

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