Baccalà (dried salted cod), Senise pepper and Senfter Speck cubes

A second course which brings together two unique territories

Who says that we must choose between the sea and the mountains? This second course perfectly combines the taste of the cod with the smoked flavour of Speck. A unique creation.

10 min
20 min
30 min
2 people


marjoram, wild fennel, sage, thyme and taerragon


Step 1:

Choose a Baccalà fillet

Step 2:

String the herbs (marjoram, wild fennel, sage, thyme and tarragon) together into a bunch

Step 3:

Wrap it in gauze and put it in a pan with the extra-virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic, half a shallot and the peppercorns

Step 4:

When the oil is warm put the Baccalà in the pan and let it cook

Step 5:

In a separate pan with oil, cook the Senise pepper until it becomes crispy. In a bowl prepare a salad with the puntarelle, the radishes and the lemon zest

Step 6:

When the salad, the pepper and the Baccalà are ready, put them together on a plate

Step 7:

Then add the Senfter Speck cubes to impart a savoury and slightly smoked flavour to the dish and serve. You will be amazed

Social Table

  From Piazzetta Senfter in San Candido passing via Milan, Bologna and Caserta: four cities dined together, uniting Italian traditions and flavors in a unique event.

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For 160 years Senfter has meant speck. Speck takes on a unique taste because every product perfectly mixes a great selection of raw materials, spices and a light smoking with the fresh and pure air of a great territory, which is a great added value, together with a long ageing. That is why the Senfter Speck is unique.

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