Speck Milleidee

Four slices of Senfter Speck P.G.I., a thousand ideas for your recipes


How to prepare delicious and creative dishes in a fast and easy way? To answer this question we had an idea, or rather… a thousand flavourful ideas.

In the Milleidee package you can find 160 years of tradition in four slices of Senfter Speck, 2 mm thick, 25 weeks of curing. Ready to use however you like.

Strips, sticks or cubes. Choose the shape you like best. The four best slices for a happy hour treat, a snack or as an ingredient for your recipes.

If you are also looking for something to drink as an accompaniment, why don’t you try the Hugo cocktail? This cocktail comes from Alto Adige, like our speck. The ingredients are: Prosecco, elderflower syrup, seltzer and mint leaves.

The coolness and sparkle of this cocktail will make a perfect, unexpected match for your recipes.

Refrigerate between 0° and 7°


To celebrate our 160th anniversary, the chef Alessandro Borghese has conceived a special menu in which the unique taste of speck combines with Italian regional excellences, resulting in new and unexpected flavours.

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Tabella nutrizionale Milleidee

Four slices of Senfter Speck P.G.I., 2mm thick, 25 weeks of curing

Average values for 100 g*

Valori medi per 100g*

1,111 kJ / 266 Kcal
16g / 100g
6.2g / 100g
0.5g / 100g
0.5g / 100g
30g / 100g
4.0g / 100g